Andrea Kucera–Session 12, Week 1

Andrea Kucera–Session 12, Week 1
January 14, 2015 RyanDowns

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This week’s NLXF Member Spotlight is on Andrea Kucera. She’s living proof that females can work hard and train heavy without sacrificing femininity. So if you’re looking for inspiration, look no further.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of NLXF?
My favorite aspect of NLXF would have to be the support and motivation that is received from trainers and other members. I have always been active in fitness but as life gets busier, and I get older, I seem to have less time and be less motivated to get a hard workout in on my own. There are many times that I could skip class because I have other things to get done, but my guilty conscience always gets the best of me! It’s not that the trainers are guilting me for skipping, but they believe in your fitness goals and want to support you with motivation! Not only do other NLXF members hold me accountable, but I am sure I do the same for them. It is everyone’s dedication and motivation at NLXF that presents a different atmosphere than other gyms. I feel that people’s walls fall down and people become vulnerable. When you are vulnerable, you must depend on one another and trust each other. This type of trust quickly leads to friendships and close knit relationships that are tough to find at other gyms!

Q: What advice would you give someone just starting NLXF?
The advice I would pass along is something I heard Ryan say once in class. He stated something to the fact of everyone needing to leave their worries at the door and come into class not caring what others think. Who cares if you look silly or need to modify a workout; your purpose at NLXF should be to fulfill your own goals, not someone else’s. To me this means that everyone starts somewhere and has their own struggles and stories. Nobody really cares what you look like or if you trip and fall on your face. Everyone starts at the beginning and will pick you up off the ground and encourage you on! I would also advise to be consistent! Attend the same class time when you can so you build friendships and accountability groups. Go to class! If you’re tired, sore, or stressed, go to NLXF! An hour workout will give you energy and relieve stress. The best cure for sore muscles is to work out again so they loosen up!

Q: What inspires you to live a healthy lifestyle?
Much of what inspires me are the feelings and attitude I gain from a healthy lifestyle. I am more positive because I am more confident in myself. I am a happier person in all areas of my life because I am comfortable with myself. I am happy knowing that I am healthy and my clothes fit comfortably! I am inspired knowing that a healthy lifestyle relieves lots of stress from my life and I feel more energized when I work out and eat healthy. It’s those things that push me to live a healthy lifestyle because I know I am not the same person otherwise! I also know that a healthy lifestyle will help me live a longer, more fulfilling life that I will be able to share with family and friends. Lastly, it’s other people that inspire me to live healthy! It’s surrounding myself with people that share the same goals, aspirations, and enjoyment of exercise that encourage me and keep me on track. We all love to witness improvement, big or small; physical, mental, or emotional; and I feel like NLXF inspires everyone to improve and reach those achievements daily!