Ben Lahue–Session 11, Week 2

Ben Lahue–Session 11, Week 2
January 14, 2015 RyanDowns

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Following up Creed’s stellar NLXF client profile of Clare Nordyke and her amazing story, we have another story that is worthy of taking note. This guy has become someone I hold pretty close to me as a client and now as a friend – Ben Lahue – formerly of the 3 PM class during all sessions with the exception of the summer, now a regular at 6 AM and sometimes 4:30 – Ben
has been shedding pounds and inches left and right, but as you’re about to read – it’s about much more than that. I highly recommend you take notice of this guy – he’s putting together an amazing story and now that is his “big goal” is in reach, his drive and dedication is only growing stronger. With each passing week, Ben gains more and more respect for people around him in class and rightfully so. Big things to come for this guy – so take a chance to learn a little about him, he’s writing a genuine story.

Age: 21

Q: How did you get involved with NLXF and how long have you been with us?
A: A few of my close friends had done a couple NLXF sessions and I was amazed by the results they were able to obtain. I reached a point in my life that I knew I had to change my
life for the better. I’ve been with NLXF for two, soon to be three, sessions now and haven’t looked back since day one!

Q: What accomplishments can you say NLXF has helped you reach?
A: People always wonder how much weight I’ve lost at NLXF, but it’s not all about the weight. During my time at NLXF I can honestly say I’ve become a better person all around. My friendships have grown stronger, I have better mental focus, my self-confidence is now existent, and I feel and know I’ve become a healthier person.

Q: What is your favorite day of the week at NLXF and why?
A: When I first started NLXF I would have definitely said Friday was my favorite day, but two sessions in I can finally say I love Tuesdays. I may hate every minute of cardio, but every Tuesday I am pushed to my limits and leave NLXF feeling dead and alive at the same time.

Q: What is your LEAST favorite exercise we do at NLXF?
A: I think everyone at NLXF knows I despise cardio, but the worst exercise award easily goes to crab walks (they were horrible in gym class and they’re still horrible more than 10 years later).

Q:Take us back to your first week of NLXF, what were some of the thoughts going through your mind?
A: During my first week of class I have never been more self-conscious in my life; I was constantly wondering what people thought of me and if they would give “the big guy” a hard time. On my second day of class I fell doing steps and I felt as if my world had just come to an end, but it was at that point people encouraged me to get back up and keep going. I also found that every single person in that
class had their own limits and I shouldn’t always try to compare myself with everyone else, every member is different. In that first week I got over my fears, gained good friends, and set myself up for a great ten week session.

Q: What are some goals you have for yourself moving forward?
A: Going forward I want to lose 100 pounds total (which is my primary goal this session). At some point I want to be able to be able to do pushups on my toes and get 20 minutes or less on my circuit time. And as stupid as it sounds I want to be able to buy clothes from places I’ve been able to shop because of my size.

Thanks Ben!