Bijan Noghrehkar–Session 13, Week 2

Bijan Noghrehkar–Session 13, Week 2
January 14, 2015 RyanDowns

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This week’s member spotlight is on Bijan Noghrehkar. To all our male clients out there who need a reminder as to why we pair high-intensity cardio with resistance training, take a look at his before & after pictures.

Q: What brought you to Next Level?

A: Well I finally decided to quit being lazy and get in shape. I knew a few people that had already taken a few sessions and had gotten great results and really had fun in the program. I think the kickboxing is really what I looked forward to the most though.

Q: You clearly lost body fat and built lean muscle. What advice would you share with someone trying to do the same?

A: I took my nutrition very seriously. I stayed consistent and really just tracked everything that I ate to a T. It really has been a complete lifestyle change; no more fast food, soda, etc. I try to eat very little processed food in general and slowly switched everything to a healthy alternative. I spend a few hours every Sunday prepping food for the week. I feel like if you leave the house not knowing where your food is coming from you are setting yourself up for failure. And of course, push yourself as far as you can in the gym every time.