Chris Reeves–Session 11, Week 7

Chris Reeves–Session 11, Week 7
January 14, 2015 RyanDowns

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Next up in our NLXF Client Spotlight is a man who lives quite a busy life with several people looking up to him within his family, his occupation, and somehow this guy still finds the time to workout! A few short sessions ago, I met Chris and one of the first things to stand out was his work ethic. He stood out to me from day 1 because even when he wasn’t in the best shape, he pushed HIS limits, and no matter how many times this guy has to walk out of the room to catch his breath and re-group.. He always opens that door to walk right back in. Take a minute to learn a little bit about this guy – it’s worth a read!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Chris!
I’m a 46 year old father of nine children aged 22 years down to 3 years old. My wife, Nicki, and I have been married for 22 years. I’ve been a pastor at Heartland Vineyard Church since 1998 where I currently oversee our Children’s Ministry.

Q: How long have you been involved with NLXF and what brought you to our NLXF family?
This is my fourth session of NLXF. I started last summer after finding myself at my heaviest weight ever. I had just healed up from a detached retina which forced me to sit still for almost six weeks. I had a hard time moving around and felt like a slug. I couldn’t keep up with my family and felt distant from them because of my health.
Matt McLaughlin and Leann Putz kept telling me of all the great things they experienced at NLXF…not just the great workout but also the amazing community found there…people who would accept me/encourage me even when I felt like I was slowing everybody else down. Later, a doctor visit told me that things needed to change in my life. My blood pressure was high. Extra weight was causing me to lose sleep at night and so I took my friends advice and started NLXF.

Q: Take us back to your first week – what was going through your head?
I hated my friends that first week! I remember wanting to puke each morning at about 6:15am, wondering how I was going to make it through the next 45 minutes. I kept walking out of the room to cool off. But I just kept thinking of how I had to stick this out! My body was so sore each night. I had never experienced such long lasting pain before — stairs and toilets frightened me for several weeks!  I made it through that first session and had great results. I signed up for the next two sessions and encouraged my wife Nicki to sign up. I took a session off to rest my legs while my wife and daughter took the session together. They loved it! My teenage daughter now throws roundhouses at me when we rough house.

Q: Both you and your wife take NLXF – what effect has that had on you two? Does it give you something to complain to each other about? Has it brought you closer together?
My wife and I are taking this session together. We go together 3x a week. It’s great to have your best friend there to encourage you and to fist bump you when you’re out of breath. As parents of a large family there aren’t many opportunities to get away together — this is one way we can be together, share an experience and yes, we go home and gripe about how hard it is. It provides a time where we don’t have to focus on anything but surviving that one hour together. Any time we can do something as a couple it helps us grow as husband and wife.

Q: What’s your favorite NLXF day of the week? Why?
My favorite day of the week in NLXF is now Tuesday. For the first three sessions it was the Gauntlet. Fridays still rock! However, I’m liking this new Tuesday circuit and the change with three days/week boot camp, three days/week kickboxing. What a great idea — that’s one of the best things about NLXF — you know you’re going to sweat and work hard but it’s never the same thing each week or each session. The team is always making tweaks to improve!

Q: What keeps you coming back to NLXF?
I love what NLXF has done for me and for my family – and what I see it doing for others!! I feel great! I have grown more confident in my physical abilities — plus I enjoy seeing familiar faces in class and getting to know them. This is a great community where people want the best for each other. I always feel encouraged when I leave a workout. I’m glad that I took that first step and signed up for NLXF.

Q: Alright – million dollar question – you’re stuck on a deserted island – you get to bring one person with you and it has to be an NLXF trainer – guy or girl – who do you take, and why?
Are you serious? It would have to be a male since I am happily married and desire to stay that way!  I think I’ll choose Creed — simply because I know that Gretta would put together a search party — the largest search party ever seen before. She would search the world over, leaving no stone unturned, sparing no cost until SWOON, Creed would be found alive and I’d get a free ride home.

Thanks for everything, Chris!