Q: What is the EFT special?

A: Our EFT special is going to be a continuous membership that will allow members to have automatic payments withdrawn each month instead of paying a large amount up front. With our EFT rate, members will get access to NLXF trial classes, strength classes, FIT classes, and a FIT gym membership at our 2 locations at no extra cost – something we’ve always charged separate for in the past.

Q: Can I have more information on the Orientation?

A: LOCATION: University FIT
5911 University Avenue, Cedar Falls
WHAT TO WEAR: Shorts and sports bra, swimsuit, or anything you feel comfortable in getting pictures taken.
MORE INFO: Nutrition is extremely important and we will touch on how we help with accountability through our Facebook group and food journaling.
Childcare will be provided
Follow us on Facebook for date and times as they vary session to session.

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Q: What’s the minimum length of commitment for the EFT membership?

A: The minimum length of commitment is 6 months, after the 6 months, you can cancel at any time with no penalty. After the 6 month minimum commitment, we will charge the monthly amount for a continued membership until notified in writing. Please submit your notice 30 days ahead of time.

Q: When will my first payment come out?

A: ALL EFT are due at the start of a session and the first payment due at sign up.

Q: What if I don’t want to do the EFT?

A: You are by no means obligated to do the EFT, it is just simply another payment option added to our current structure to accommodate our members. You can pay the individual rate of $240 for a session-by-session basis. Please note that paying on a session-by-session basis will still get you a FIT gym membership at our 2 locations during the 8 week session, but will not give you free access to trial classes, strength classes, or the gym membership between sessions.

Q: What if I do the EFT and something comes up where I have to stop coming for a short period of time? Can I freeze my account?

A:Yes, we can freeze your EFT for up to a maximum of 3 months with a 30 day written notice. There will be a $5 charge per month during the freeze to keep your membership active, and to maintain your current rate. After the 3 month freeze, we will automatically start the EFT rate back up and start charging your account again.