Giovanni Troiano–Session 13, Week 6

Giovanni Troiano–Session 13, Week 6
January 14, 2015 RyanDowns

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This week’s member spotlight is on Giovanni Troiano. For those of you who might be looking for a little extra motivation these last few weeks, take a look at his pictures and his story.

Q: What has your experience with Next Level been like?

A: I find it difficult to put my experience into words. So much has happened in such a short amount of time, it’s hard to be coherent. I look back over the last 10 months of NLXF, and I can’t help but be teary eyed about it. My fitness j…ourney has always been struggle and torment. I mean yeah, I lost 100 lbs. but to say I was being healthy isn’t right. After joining NLXF, I finally feel like I have a grasp on everything and the results I’ve had show that. For once in my life, I actually am healthy and doing things I couldn’t for years, simple things like jogging, because I was so out of shape. I can’t forget about about the people either. Trainers and clients alike, I’ve met some pretty awesome people and some days, they are what keep me coming back.

Q: If you could go back to the beginning of your fitness journey, what single piece of advice would you offer yourself?

A: That’s an interesting thought. I’ve had many “starting” points in my journey. Every single one of them could use different advice but to go back to the very beginning…
“Keep your head up, rough days are ahead but you’ll find your place and thrive and flourish.” So many times I quit on myself because it was hard or not fun or whatever excuse I could come up with to go back to the way I was.

Q: Aside from trainers, who at NLXF has motivated or inspired you?

A: That’s easy. Three people immediately come to mind.
Jean Bockes: She was one of the first to ever talk to me in class and push me. I’m always ecstatic to see her.
Bijan Noghrehkar: My high school buddy I stumbled across in class one day. We constantly pushed each other to our limits.
Francesco Troiano: How could I not be inspired by my little brother? He works his ass off every day. We let our competitive nature and brotherly love push us every day. Since he started NLXF, I’ve felt accountable not only to me but to him as well. I look at myself that much harder to set an example for him.