Aaron Klein

Aaron Klein

How did you become involved with NLXF?
From the beginning of my coaching career back in 2015, I have always kept a close eye on the NLXF program and the impact it has made on group fitness. Being an employee at FIT I have seen the program evolve over the last few years. I knew right from the start my journey would eventually take me into that room and it was only a matter of time until the stars aligned to make the move happen.

What excites you most about being a part of the NLXF team?
Being a group fitness instructor naturally brings joy into my life. To say I am excited to be a part of a group fitness program with the caliber of NLXF would be an understatement. This opportunity allows me not only to help more people achieve their fitness & health goals, but to learn and grow from the members and current NLXF team about how I can improve myself as a coach and that gets me all jazzed up inside!

What makes NLXF different? What are some goals you have as a NLXF trainer?
The environment. NLXF has truly created something special in the group fitness industry. The comradery, the positivity, the energy, the results, and everything in between is what makes NLXF stand out as a program. To see people go into that room and bust their butts off all with a smile and plenty of high-fives is what it’s all about.

My one true goal as a NLXF Trainer is to use my experience and passion in fitness to amplify everything that makes this program as great as it is.

If you give a client who is on the fence one piece of advice about why NLXF is the right program for them, what would it be?
Close your eyes and imagine a fitness program that gets you results, pushes you to your best potential, has the support and atmosphere of a family, trainers and staff that care about you and your goals, all within 4 walls of limitless energy and motivation. You aren’t dreaming, you’re at NLXF! You’re only regret will be wishing you started sooner! You deserve to be the best version of yourself!