Brittany DuBois

Brittany DuBois

How did you become involved with NLXF?
I started taking class in early 2017. I had been hearing amazing things from friends and family and I was seeing their results. I knew that I had to give NLXF a try. When trial weeks came up, I went to my first one. I then went to the next one and the two the following week. I was hooked. I signed up for the program and never looked back! As a trainer, being in that room is still the best part of my day. I get my one hour each day to work on myself and I also get to help our members get the best out of their workouts!

What excited you most about being a part of the NLXF team?
Not only have I been a NLXF member for over two years, I also have a year of EKB (Evolution Kickboxing) under my belt. We have a training team with diverse backgrounds which means there is no way you will get the same workout twice.

What excites me the most is being a part of a team that is so passionate about the program. NLXF is a group fitness program and we all are truly family, working together to crush nutrition and fitness goals. The atmosphere in that room is like none other. I am proud to be part of the team in a program that has helped me so much personally.

What makes NLXF different? What are some goals you have as a trainer?
I have tried A LOT of programs. What makes NLXF different is the fact that we are always striving to be better. We don’t get stuck in routine. We listen to the feedback from our members and are constantly working to improve. All of our trainers are very approachable. We do our best to make sure that our members understand that we are in that room for them. We do not get comfortable in the same old workouts. I think we saw some big changes in during session 35 and I know session 36 has some even bigger things in store!

My goals as a trainer are to learn as much as I can from our seasoned trainers (Cassie and Justin are truly amazing) so our members have the support, knowledge, and dedication they deserve from our training staff! I can’t wait to lead more classes and find my voice in that room!