Justin Downs

Justin Downs

“What’s your life story/background in YOU? 
Born & raised in Cedar Falls, IA. I spend most of my time with my 2 lovely children Jasper & Tytus or at the gym engulfed in the culture of fitness.  I have been a lifetime Martial Artist when I began training at the age of 6. I’ve always had a passion for athletics playing Basketball, semi pro football & competing in martial arts.

I began my fitness journey at the age of 22 following a serious car accident that lead to an array of health issues and a 60 pound weight gain in six short months! I learned quickly that wellness was going to be a significant part of my life & shortly after transitioned in to working in the fitness industry.

How did you become involved with NLXF? 
I have watched the program develop for almost 6 years while working at FIT Gym & made so many valued relationships with its members & trainers. It’s been a passion of mine to be apart of that development while I learn & grow from the other trainers & members themselves. The team aspect of this program is unlike any other I have experienced.

What excites you most about being a part of the NLXF team? 
The easy answer is having the opportunity to use my experience & education to develop others & guide them to their goals. However, what excites me most is that regardless of my experience, I get to come in as the weakest link in a chain of leaders & develop as a team while we all learn from one another. We are all committed to accelerating the learning curve & taking this great program to yet another level!

What are some goals you have as an NLXF trainer?
My goals are to expose members to the unique mechanics of simple modifications in exercise mechanics that can improve any level of training for each & every member. To learn what drives members to excel & how I can help them stay on track.

Lastly, if you give a client who is on the fence one piece of advice about why NLXF is the right program for them, what would it be?
This program offers one thing. Results. The tools are all here. Equipment, knowledge, nutrition, experience, direction, ect. Each person’s goals are unique & every bit as important as any else’s goals including yours.  Time is going to pass whether you step into the room or not. But… if you want to reach your goals, we are ready to help you. This program will continue to evolve & will never stop being the pinnacle of the group fitness industry. Your health & wellness are worth the investment. You just need to take that first step in to the room, we will help you with each step after that.