Youth Fitness Program

cedar falls youth fitness program

Next Level Youth

A Fitness Program for 3rd Grade – HS Seniors


Coming Summer 2022!

What is Next Level Youth:

  • A mixture of various activities and workouts that will be fun and challenging. From resistance training, flexibility, kickboxing, cardio and games, we will make an atmosphere that they’ll enjoy and feel comfortable in their own skin.
  • This 5 week course will provide workouts that help develop skills for athletes and kids just starting on their fitness journey. Improving speed, agility, coordination and strength for all levels. (Going into 3rd grade to High School)
  • FUN and knowledgeable trainers that have high energy and experience in creating an atmosphere that gets kids excited to be active.
  • $99 for the 5 weeks which includes access to Fit gym and Fit Courts! $10 card fee included in registration.
  • Each week we will choose a weekly warrior that gets recognized for their efforts and leadership!
  • Fun awards given at the end of the session to keep kids motivated to work hard and feel accomplished.
  • Gloves needed but not provided. Available for purchase in adult sizes at the gym. Here is a link of youth glove that worked well for kids in past sessions.

Registration, Shirts, and Gloves

Sign up online

or at either FIT location.

Youth Gloves

Purchase on Amazon. Adult gloves available in gym.

Youth Shirt

Purchase at our online shop.

Adult Shirt

Purchase at our online shop.

Shirts available in youth and adult sizes! The kids love getting a group photo every year and we have lots of options for colors and sizes this year. We know the kids love the apparel so we are making it available sooner this session. Order anytime and have it delivered to you!

Next Level Merch!

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