Next Level Extreme Fitness Cedar Falls

NLXF is Family

NXLF is more than a fitness program. We are a family. One that supports, encourages and holds one another accountable for achieving their fitness goals.


Jade Pint

NLXF has helped me in so many ways. Not only has it helped me lose over 50 pounds, but it has given me confidence, energy, and a group of people who motivate and inspire me.


Cassy Townsley

Next Level is such a perfect mix of using weights, body weight, agility and kickboxing to make you strong and toned! I always leave feeling great and thankful.


Angela Siebel

I’ve been with NLXF since 2015. This program has literally changed my life. I went from being overweight and unhealthy at 227 pounds 2 years ago. Today I’m down 31 pounds, added muscle, and am the happiest and most confident I’ve ever been. And I have this program and the trainers to thank for that.


Sarah Bianchi

Over the past decade, the program has gone through a lot of changes and they’ve pushed me out of my comfort zone to meet so many new and amazing people, to absolutely LOVE working out, and have a place I can bring my kids and show them what being part of great gym community is all about! Forever thankful for our forever growing and changing NLXF family!


Jana Peters Hermann

I returned this session after many years off from NLXF. I love the new format with only 2 days of kickboxing and the focus and emphasis on weight training even though I love cardio. I changed my mindset from wanting a transformation to wanting working out to be a integral part of my lifestyle.


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